Flash Fiction – 100 Word stories

I am in a group on Facebook called “Status Stories, Short Fiction, 100 words or less” . Here are SOME of my efforts, a mix of Horror, Historical and contemporary fiction. Enjoy


Old Bailey, 1718

I breathed a sigh of relief as the verdict came in. Pardoned. No evidence to convict me, just as Mr Wild said. Smiling, I mouthed a silent prayer of thanks before stepping down.
“My fee remains. a Crown for your months in Newgate” The Gaoler who had taken me into the courtroom looked at me.
“But … I haven’t a Crown to pay you,” I protested.
Then back inside you go. You work there until it is paid!” The Judge said, and they took me back inside.
I’m still here, a year later. My debt has grown and I’ll never be free.

1) Judgement Day

The congregation sat down, facing the Vicar. The choir, their hymn finished, stood still, eyes focused on the robed man, as if waiting for his command. He took the chalice from the altar and raised it into the air, mouthing the words of a blessing, sanctifying the liquid within. Then he drank deeply, the red and viscose liquid spilling down his face.

He put the cup down, and stared at his flock, “Now the day of Judgement is at hand!” he yelled, and he and the choir launched themselves at the now screaming congregation, ripping, tearing and feeding.

2) John Jones’ Lament.

Tomorrow I will die. They will take me from here to Tyburn where the Hangman will make and end of me; all for some godamm whore’s prayer book and a couple of coins. Mary Ferguson her name was, so they tell me, well I tell them she wasn’t worth the effort. Nothing is. My parents sent me to sea, hoping that would make me into an honest man, too much work, like everything else they prenticed me to. Nope, I stole because I liked to drink and game and needed to pay for it. I hope the Lord God can forgive me, because no other bugger will.

3) Old Bailey, London 1717

The judge adjusted his wig, and stared at the defendant in the dock. “It seems, Mr Chessey, that instead of taking notice of the mercy of this court two years ago in giving you a free pardon; you have instead returned to your wicked ways, and find yourself before me again!

“This time, with your fellows, you robbed the Bristol Mail coach. It grieves me to say this, but you leave me no choice. I hereby sentence you to be taken from this place to Tyburn, were you will be hung by the neck until you are dead. Now, what say you?”

The defendant stood there, and said in a quiet voice, “It is no more than I deserve M’lud.”

4) Hunted

He ran. The empty fairground cast menacing shadows that loomed over him, the Carousel, last week a machine of fun for him and his children, now, the horses stared menacingly at him, like daemons coming for his soul.
Hide, he needed to hide, so his tormentor wouldn’t find him. Oh he went to the police, but they treated him like a fool, laughing as they sent him away. So he went home, tried to pack a bag, but SHE returned unexpectedly, knife in hand.
He hid, panicking as her voice echoed through the Darkness …”I spy with my little eye!”

5) Aftermath

I eased myself into the bath, wincing as the water hit the grazes on my skin. The cuts in my palms from where I defended myself from the knife stung like a bastard, but I needed to get clean. My clothes were burning in the grate- a funeral pyre for the years of hurt.

My four year old daughter crept into the room, tears in her eyes matching the bruises on her face and arms. “shh” I whispered as I drew her close.

She took her thumb out of her mouth, “Mummy won’t hurt us anymore, will she?”

“No” I whispered as I kissed her head. “She won’t be coming back ever. Daddy promises”

6) Four years

For four years I have been waiting here in jail. Four years living with peados , rapists, and child killers. Four years of checking my food for razor blades, being spat at, hit and worse while the wardens turned the other way.

She lied. That came out at my appeal. This time the truth won, my innocence has been proved in a court of law, and I am free.
Oh, by the way bitch, I am coming for you. I’m gonna get drunk and fuck you up real good. After all, I’ve done the time, I may as well do the crime…..

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