Support a writer, BUY a new book.

When was the last book you bought? either E-book format or physical book. If physical, I wonder how many of you regularly trawl the Charity shops looking for your favourite Authors . This is something that I have done in the past, and maybe will continue from time to time (though not as much as I used to – as I will reveal).

My thoughts on this changed after twitter conversations with Medieval Mystery author Michael Jecks among others , about how much money Authors earn from books, and how many in the profession, even with long term agent or publisher contracts have to look at ways of supplementing their income.  Royalties for back catalogue books are bread and butter to authors, just as you pay is to you.

So, imagine the thoughts when an unnamed woman boasted to an unnamed author that she had bought all their back catalogue from a charity shop that morning. One the one hand, a new fan was born, BUT on the other, that woman did not directly put one penny of income into the author’s wage packet, despite buying all their books. Ok, you can argue that shouting her new author find would encourage others to buy their books, but with consumers demanding larger and larger discounts, authors royalties are also discounted, and pay packets become smaller. 

Now, I am not dissing charity shops here – I regularly buy and donate to them, and support the good ones to the hilt. but I want to make you think a little about your buying habits. Picking up a great book for 50p or £1 is great, and if it introduces you to an author new to you, even better. If you like that Author, and respect him for his storytelling, then make sure you buy more of his books from somewhere like Waterstones, WH smiths or Amazon, whether in Physical or E-book form. He or she is just like you – wants to be paid for his work.

Oh, and if you haven’t come across any of Michael Jecks books, think Ellis Peters, but with an ex Templar instead of a Monk. I am working my way through the series. Go on. Take a look .

(PS the same goes for music as well)

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