Some thoughts following 1st Staymaker review

Staymaker cover


Creative types like me are funny buggers – well most of are anyway. Musicians, Artists,  and Writers, deep down we are all the same. We create our arty type media in the hope, not that We become Millionaires and rich and famous overnight (though that would be great mind) but rather that people listen to it/look at it/ read it, and ENJOY it. that is what drives us on more than anything. The creative process followed by the oohs and aahs of the crowd, giving us valediction for our hours of study, practice and effort in bringing to the public something that we have created.

Undoubtedly, the internet helps us amateurs gain that recognition. I am, right now, listening to a great rock guitarist and songwriter from Pakistan called Taimur Tajik ,  who has acheived a lot of recognition and plaudits for his second album, Order for Disorder, despite releasing it himself with no label backing and a full time day job. Prior to the internet, that release would have been demo tapes sold from the back of a car after gigs (Boy, de I see some belters back in the day who never made it!) It is the same with writers. Now, we can put out our books on the web in e-reader or paperback form, with little outlay and have people buy them and read them alongside established authors with book deals.

OK, so, the downside of this is that there is a lot of dross out there, badly written, poorly edited books which people discard quickly, that is the problem with having a service like KDP or Smashwords, editorial control is up to the Author and his/her ego. As an Indie Author, you worry most about what the people reading the book are thinking – are they abandoning it, putting it in the dross pile, or are they enjoying it, and looking forward to you finishing the next book.

So, I am currently very happy – My first review of Staymaker has been posted on Amazon and it is a very good one. The reviewer did like my book,  which does mean that the work and effort I put into it has not been wasted, and I do feel I am on the right track as a writer, albeit one who needs to improve in certain areas.

In fact, I will leave you with some Taimur

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