Kobo Cull Self-Published Titles In Knee-jerk Response To Tabloid Clickbait

David Gaughran

Kobo read freelyA media firestorm erupted in the UK on Sunday after a tabloid story about WH Smith selling “filth” alongside books aimed at children, which has resulted in Kobo culling huge numbers of self-published titles – most of which have no erotic content whatsoever.

It’s hard to know exactly how many titles Kobo has pulled. What we do know is that Kobo has removed all 7,883 self-published titles distributed to their store via Draft2Digital, as confirmed in an email from D2D’s CEO to affected authors.

However, I think that’s only a tiny fraction of affected titles. Many self-published authors who distribute via the (much larger) Smashwords service have reported their books are no longer on sale on Kobo’s UK store, as have many authors who uploaded to Kobo direct, via their self-publishing platform Kobo Writing Life. And, indeed, it’s not just self-publishers that are affected. Lots of small publishers…

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Nick Quantrill – “Joe Geraghty” series review.

Hailing from Hull, Nick Quantrill writes gritty ‘Hard-boiled” Crime Fiction set in the City. His hero, Joe Geraghty, is a former rugby player turned Private Detective, The three books out so far, “Broken Dreams” ; “The Late Greats” and “The Cooked Beat” are published by Caffine Nights, and Available in e-book and paperback HERE .


Broken dreams  Late GreatsCrooked beats



The first book, “Broken Dreams” Introduces Joe and his partner in the detective agency ex cop Don, with an apparently simple investigation into staff absenteeism. This quickly explodes into murder and a trip deep into the heart of Hull’s Gang-land scene. Joe also is determined to look for answers into the death of his wife in a fire, and in the course  of the investigation into both, he manages to rub both the gangsters AND the police up the wrong way.

The second, “The Late Greats” sees Joe taking over the job of acting as liason between the press and Rock band “New Holland” as they prepare for their comeback tour. The lead singer, a former schoolmate of his, is found murdered and Joe feels compelled to investigate, against the local polices wishes.

The third book, “The Crooked Beat” sees Joe working alone – following the events of “The Late Greats” he has been ostracised by Don. With his brother being sought by a criminal gang following the theft of smuggled cigarettes from his lock up, Joe has no choice but try and help. Don’s past catches up with him, and allegations of corruption come to the fore, and Joe is thrown once again headlong into confrontation with both gangs and the Police.

The only issue I have with these is that some of the characters and back stories do appear to be the same cliches as everyone else. Joe being a widower tormented by the death of his wife in circumstances he considers suspicious, Don being an ex-policeman,  all of these back stories have been done before by other writers, and all are feeling a bit tired. (just once, I would like to read a cop/detective who has a happy spouse to go home to, maybe a couple of kids too, )

Having said that, he three books are good reads, and well worth getting hold of. The stories do leave you on the edge of your seat. All three also fit together well – events and characters aren’t just one offs, but have impact in all three books, which does make the setting feel more real and the books connected by more that just Joe and Don. Well written action scenes, snappy dialogue and good plotting make these must read books.

4 beers

You can follow Nick on twitter @NickQuantrill  or on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hullcrimefiction?fref=ts


Plot holes, Jumping and other headf**ks

Tonight, I am that guy.  Simply, the opening of part three does not read properly. It seems to jump too much between the smugglers and the revenue scenes, a character is both on the beach AND on the boat bringing the goods in at the same time, and other similar issues. I am screaming, here,, not least because this has passed through three redrafts. aaargh.

So, read the scenes through several times, written out all the issues… now to re-plot them, and rewrite…..

and scream a lot.