The Voyage is Finished



So, the wonderful voyage that has been the Nautical bloghop has finished. I hope that you enjoyed the Journey, read through the other Vessels’ posts and maybe learned some new things. Above all, I hope you, the reader, enjoyed it. I know I did.

I would like to thank all the authors and bloggers for taking part, and for welcoming me onto the voyage. Especially I would like to thank Helen Hollick for allowing me the honour of participating. Back to the editing for the full length Novel, Staymaker, in earnest now. Just a reminder, the short Stories are fully available on Kindle here.


Just a final shout to the bloggers invloved:

  1. J.M. Aucoin
  2. Helen Hollick
  3. Doug Boren
  4. Linda Collison
  5. Margaret Muir
  6. Julian Stockwin
  7. Anna Belfrage
  8. Andy Millen
  9. V.E. Ulett
  10. T.S. Rhodes
  11. Mark Patton
  12. Katherine Bone
  13. Alaric Bond
  14. Ginger Myrick
  15. Judith Starkston
  16. Seymour Hamilton
  17. Rick Spilman
  18. James L. Nelson
  19. S.J. Turney
  20. Prue Batten
  21. Antoine Vanner
  22. Joan Druett
  23. Edward James



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