Nautical Bloghop 17-21st Sept 2013 . Final Preview .


So, with just two days to go before we set sail, the final crew manifest is in, and more details are to hand.

Firstly, We have been joined by Ian Johnstone-Bryden of Nighthawk News – which is a FIRE Project portal providing a news column and access to the FIRE Project Central Information Resource. Nighthawk News and its associated information resource is dedicated to the topics of publishing and creative arts. The Firetrench eBookshop link at Nighthawk News provides access to eBooks published by Nighthawk Publishing which is operates as a part of the FIRE Project offering portable pre-processed data in a standard eBook format. Nighthawk Publishing also offers an expanding range of publications, book and serial, in electronic and paper form. The FIRE Project is a community service information project from Firetrench and is staffed by volunteers .

Edward James will be writing a fictional account of what happened to the Norse Greenland expedition, while V. E Ullet will be writing on naval families. – “The best bit of research I’ve never used”

Judith Starkson will be talking about  a Late Bronze Age shipwreck off Turkey that was a breakthrough in underwater archaeology, and is joined in that era by Mark Patton who will be exploring the first great age of sail, between three and four thousand years ago.

Rick Spilman will be posting about the age of the windjammers, whether history is all just a sea story, tracking down historical characters and rogue waves, all with a late 19th century / early 20th maritime slant. He will be doing a different post each day, so plenty to immerse yourself in there.

 Anna Belfrage will post a reflection on the courage required to cross the seas to new, unknown lands – back then when the lands across the seas were truly unknown, and the sea itself quite dangerous.

Julian Stockwin’s Post will be entitled “Summoning the Maritime Muse” – and will hopefully answer the question where he gets his ideas from.

Pru Batten has something on the vessels used in her “Gisbourne Saga” set in the 12th Century.  Sailing ships called “Nefs” .

Joan Druett has five different posts scheduled for each day of the Hop, all about women on whalers.  The first is about Mary Brewster, the pioneering whaling wife, and the rest are about Viola Cook’s many strange sojourns in the Arctic, Sarah Gray and the cask with her husband’s remains, Martha Brown, who was marooned by her husband, and “George Wheldon,” the cross-dressed whaler.

Antione Vanner will have two articles – one on The menace of derelicts in the Age of Sail, and a long post on  Coast Defence Ships 1860 – 1951.

Last on this list is me… a post on the technology that made the cutter’s used by the smugglers in the 1740’s able to outrun the best the Royal Navy could throw at them.

The full and final list of participants is below, all I can say is I am looking forward to the off, see you there!

  1. J.M. Aucoin
  2. Helen Hollick
  3. Doug Boren
  4. Linda Collison
  5. Margaret Muir
  6. Julian Stockwin
  7. Anna Belfrage
  8. Andy Millen
  9. V.E. Ulett
  10. T.S. Rhodes
  11. Mark Patton
  12. Katherine Bone
  13. Alaric Bond
  14. Ginger Myrick
  15. Judith Starkston
  16. Seymour Hamilton
  17. Rick Spilman
  18. James L. Nelson
  19. S.J. Turney
  20. Prue Batten
  21. Antoine Vanner
  22. Joan Druett
  23. Edward James


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