Nautical Blog Hop Preview


 Well, with five days to go before we weigh anchor and set sail on the briny seas , the captain has given us our orders, and us crew are busy making this blog hop watertight, ship-shape and Bristol fashion .  A little taste of what is to come seems to be in order.

Well, I will be talking about why, by the 1740’s  the Smuggler’s cutters were able to outfox,outsmart and outrun the best the Navy had to offer. Technology , that was the key .

Ginger Myrick is writing about the Portuguese during the Age of Discovery – the country was at the forefront of Naval exploration during this time, and there voyages perhaps more than most ushered in what was later to become colonialism, so this should be interesting. (Oops, may have just started a Portuguese/Viking war here! )

Joan Druett has five different posts scheduled for each day of the Hop, all about women on whalers.  The first is about Mary Brewster, the pioneering whaling wife, and the rest are about Viola Cook’s many strange sojourns in the Arctic, Sarah Gray and the cask with her husband’s remains, Martha Brown, who was marooned by her husband, and “George Wheldon,” the cross-dressed whaler.

That is three out of the  twenty-three of us aboard this vessel . The full crew list is below,. More missives will follow as soon as the Captain sends them.

  1. J.M. Aucoin
  2. Helen Hollick
  3. Doug Boren
  4. Linda Collison
  5. Margaret Muir
  6. Julian Stockwin
  7. Anna Belfrage
  8. Andy Millen
  9. V.E. Ulett
  10. T.S. Rhodes
  11. Mark Patton
  12. Katherine Bone
  13. Alaric Bond
  14. Ginger Myrick
  15. Judith Starkston
  16. Seymour Hamilton
  17. Rick Spilman
  18. James L. Nelson
  19. S.J. Turney
  20. Prue Batten
  21. Antoine Vanner
  22. Joan Druett
  23. Edward James

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