“A Thousand Words” Scott C Smith REVIEW


Portland author Scott C Smith comes up with a belter of a Novella. Josh Simmons is an IT consultant, and after a late finish, decides to Stop off in a Hotel for teh night rather than take the long drive home. Before is finds one, he stops at a book store, and picks up a book about World War Two. Within this book is a photo of a young Nazi Soldier that is the spitting image of him. Back in his Hotel, he finds himself lucid dreaming the disturbing events leading to the photo being taken. This opens a time travel conduit to the soldier (think quantum leap), which turns out to be a two way street with very bad consequences.

This is a great story, which left me on the edge of my seat all the way through. In his Bio, Scott namechecks Steven King, and this tale is reminiscent of the master’s ability to make the fantastic seem plausable and chilling. It is well written, and has a slick feel to it, each twist takes you deeper into Simmon’s nightmare, right until the end. unputdownable.

It is available in both print or Kindle form from here , and on the strength of this, I will be buying “Awake” his first Full length Novel. 

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