Nautical Bloghop, 17-21st September


8th September 2013 *UPDATE*

Please see updated list below for participants in the BLoghop.


So as promised, further news of what this “Nautical BlogHop” is all about. Well, The Bloggers and authors below (including myself) all write stuff connected with the sea. We are all blogging on topics related to the sea during that week, and all linking to each others blogs, hopefully will be a bit of fun, and you, the reader, may learn a thing or two, so, current participants are as follows:

  1. J.M. Aucoin
  2. ME .
  3. Katharine Bone (link to follow)
  4. Seymour Hamilton
  5. Antoine Vanner (link to follow)
  6. Edward James (link to follow)
  7. Joan Druett

This list will be updated with all the links as I get them. AND by next Sunday I will have a post researched, drafted and written, Honest guv.

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