Busy, Busy

The realisation that I have had a whole month off of here has just hit me today. Not that I have been Idle. Firstly, two weeks holibobs in Dumfries with the Kids. Then back to work, manic and short-staffed. In addition, I have started final editing of Staymaker, my first full length Novel set around the Hawkhurst Gang’s Downfall in the late 1740’s.

Followers of my column on Metaltalk will have noticed a lot of stuff has gone up there as well. Most importantly, Today my review of Karachi Rocker Taimur Tajik’s second Album , released on Friday 6th Sept is here . In addition, Blackhour’s “Age of war” has been reviewed and I have interviewed Pakistani extreme metal Pioneer Babar Sheik of Dusk. All worth checking out!

So, In future weeks on here, Well I am part of a Nautical Blog Hop in a couple of weeks, organised by the Wonderful Helen Hollick, more of that in my next post, excited by that too! More editing, new Novel research and plotting and more reviews etc. Excited? Well, I am. (and knackered too BTW)

So, short and sweet, but, will leave you with something to whet your appetite for Friday’s BIG release. A track from Taimur’s first Album, Vice Versa (available from their website)

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